Adrianne's self-portrait in digital acrylic paint

Hello, my name is Adrianne. I'm a web developer and designer based in the East Bay side of the San Francisco Bay Area. I've been living in the Bay Area since childhood and have been a native for way too long. I had plans on moving to certain places, but because of my discovery of coding and software engineering, I decided to remain here, as there are plenty of opportunities that I can use my skills and passion for a living. I also make and experiment digital art and blog on different when inspiration hits me.

I was only 11-years-old when my late father introduced me and my brother to the computer. This was back in the late '80s, when everything was run by a terminal or command prompt, had to memorize all the terminal commands, just to open programs and play games. When Windows 3.0 came, that's when my curiosity about how the computer works and what it could do have peaked. Even though I felt that I was more in line with the arts, as the years roll by, even computer programming and building functional web apps and scripts can also be an art form too.

I'm also a diabetic, so please be friendly.

Personal and Hobby Links

Want to get to know me more outside my work? I built and maintain various blogs and sites when I can. When you have time, please visit them.

Digital Art

When I'm not dabbling with code or writing, I do what I can to let my creative side unleash through digital art (using Adobe CC and other art/graphics programs). I don't aim to become a professional artist or anything like that, so I learn through various non-traditional means and follow through tutorials to create them, and share them as part of my enjoyment. I use art (whether just traditional adult coloring books to digital art of different types) as a means of a stress reliever and as an expression of my thanks and gratitude to my loved ones and to those that I love from afar. I'm currently learning how to create original character art and create my own original character illustrations.


Home Workspace

Here are some work samples I built from class projects to side projects. More of my work can be found on my GitHub (icon link at the menu above).

Web Apps


Magic 8 Ball

[Repo | Pen | Live]
HTML5, CSS, Javascript, jQuery

A web app version of the classic fortune telling gag toy "Magic 8 Ball." It provides a prompt for a user to ask a "YES/NO" question with a click of a button, which the Magic 8 Ball will give 20 possible answers to these questions. Powered by using jQuery.


LOLCat Clock

[Repo | Pen | Live]
HTML5, CSS3, Javascript

An online clock web page featuring a variety set of cute LOL cat pics that correspond to specific time intervals. It has an option of showing a special cute photo when it's "party time."

Language Translator

Language Translator

[Repo | Repl]
Python, GUI (Remi Library), CSV

A simple Spanish and French language translator app. Users can enter an English word and Spanish and French translations are displayed simultaneously.

Personal Assistant

Personal Assistant

[Repo | Repl]
Python, GUI (Remi Library), JSON

A complex list organizer that categorizes list items into different lists, such as to-do list, contacts list, and birthdays list. It features being able to add new items into any list, removing any items existing in any list, and to view an entire list.

Dog Image Gallery

Dog Image Gallery

[Repo | Repl]
Python, Flask, Jinja, Routing, API

A gallery of cute and fun dogs! Users have the ability to view photos of their favorite dogs by dog breed or view photos randomly regardless of breed. They can also view the one at a time or more.

Female Supervillain Trading Card

Female Supervillain Trading Card

Jinja: [Repo | Repl] || REST API: [Repo | Repl]
Python, Flask, SQLAlchemy, Jinja, Routing, REST API

A fun and cute app of collecting, adding, and organizing original trading card app for female supervillains. It includes adding a card, viewing a card,and removing a card.

Data Visualizations

Titanic Survivors

Titanic Survivors

[Repo | Repl]
Python, NumPy, Pandas, Matplotliv, Seaborn, CSV

A scatterplot data review of the passengers aboard the Titanic regarding the passengers survived and the passengers perished from the Titanic collision and Sinking on April 15, 1912.

Happiness and Work Relationships

Salary and Happiness

[Repo | Repl]
Python, Pandas, Matplotlib, Seaborn, CSV

A bubble plot data review of the happiness level on workers' jobs based on their salaries.

Animal Conservation

Animal Conservation

[Repo | Repl]
Python, Pandas, Matplotlib, Statsmodels, Regular Expressions, JSON

A mosaic plot review of the number of existing animals who are under the Endangered, Critically Endanged, and Vulnerable categories based on animal class.

Book Average Ratings and Total of Reviews

Book Ratings

[Repo | Repl]
Python, Pandas, Matplotlib, Seaborn, API

A practice data review on book average ratings and the total of reviews left that provided the ratings. The dataset was based on the Goodreads API listed in the Kaggle datasets site.



Mock Interactive U.S. Election Map

[Repo | Pen | Live]
HTML5, CSS, Javascript (DOM + map.js)

An interactive U.S. election map web page built using DOM and a third-party script, map.js. It provides election results via state Electoral College votes. Because this is a mock project, I'm using different names as the candidates.


MAM Care

HTML5, CSS, Javascript, WordPress

  • One page site
  • Periodical maintenance (WordPress themes, plugins)
  • Created using the Themify Framework

This is my second client website built for my sister-in-law's local startup senior care services. The site will eventually expand bit by bit once the business grows, which will also include a news blog, which is why I chose to power this site using WordPress. The client preferred something simple and direct to the point and also preferred direct phone calls and email, which is why for the time being, this was built as a one page site.


Heart Yngrid

HTML5, CSS, Javascript, WordPress

  • Author website
  • Client consulting and mentoring
  • Periodical maintenance (WordPress themes, plugins)
  • Created using the Themify Framework

My first client website for my long time friend who is also an author of a series of romance and chick lit novels in the Philippines. The client requested a full website in which she can update and maintain its contents on her own. Along with building the boilerplate, I also consulted and trained her on how to do the basic features of WordPress, from publishing and editing her content, handling images and other media files, as well as changing and customizing themes on her own. Aside from consulting her on her content maintenance, my role is more on the backend (themes, plugins, hosting).


Winchester Mystery House - digital pencil art


  • WordPress Design & Development (+10 years)
    HTML, CSS, PHP, theme frameworks, consulting
  • Graphic Design (+15 years)
    Adobe CC: Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign
  • Content Writing
    Blogging, informational web content, contributed articles
  • Web Project Consulting (< 7 years)
    Content buiding and arrangement, UI/UX prototypes, web hosting needs
  • Scripting (< 1 year)
    Python, Javascript, PHP, Ruby
  • Team Training/Leading
    New hire training, team/group building

Non-Profit Organizations



Need to reach out? Pleas reach out through the following means below or you can send me an email: hello [at] adrianne [dot] dev.